BA.B.Sc Details

BA BSc Subject Combinations (Combine Exam System)

MA_Subjects (Combine Exam System)

Model Paper MA,MSc

Doctor of Pharmacy

BS Software Engineering

M.Phil Pharmaceutics

M.Phil Pharmacology

BS Applied Chemistry

BS Bioinformatics

BS Food Science and Nutrition

BS Microbiology

BS Applied Psychology

MSc Chemistry

M.Sc Sociology

MS Biotechnology

MS Bioinformatics

MS Human Nutrition and Dietetics

MS Food Science

MS Clinical Psychology

MS – IT Subjects

MCS Subjects

MIT Subjects

MS Computer Sciences Subjects.

BS-IT Subjects

BS-Computer Science Subjects

MBA Executive 2 year Subjects

MBA 3.5 Subjects

Master of Human Resource Management

M.Phil Education Management & Policy

M.Com Subjects

BBA Hons Subjects

B.Tech Mechanical Subjects

B.Tech Electronics Subjects

B.Tech Electrical Subjects

B.Tech Civil Subjects

MS Mgt Sciences Subjects