Programs & Fee

2. University of Sargodha, Lahore Campus (Affiliation).

S.No5 Year Degree ProgramEligibilityAdmission FeeSemester Fee
1Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)60% marks in FSc Pre-Medical1500035000
2Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)55% marks in FSc Pre-Medical1500025000
3Diploma in Pharmacy Technician/ Category B ( Pharmacy Technician )Matric (Science Group)1000015000

3.Government College University Faisalabad, Lahore Campus (Affiliation)

S.NoBS 4 Year Degree ProgramsEligibilityAdmission FeeSemester Fee
1BS Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)50% marks in Fsc Pre-Medical1500025000
2BS Radiography and Imaging Technology (RIT)50% marks in Fsc Pre-Medical1500025000
3BS Microbiology50% marks in Fsc1500025000
4B.S Applied Psychology45 % Marks in FA/F.Sc1500025000
5BS Mass Communication45 % Marks in FA/F.Sc1500035000
6BS Sociology45 % Marks in FA/F.Sc1500025000
7B.Ed (H) Elementary45 % Marks in BA/B.Sc1000015000

S.No4 Year Engineering ProgramsEligibilityAdmission FeeSemester Fee
1B.Sc. Software Engineering50% marks in Fsc ICS1500025000
2Bachelor in Civil Technology (B.Tech)50% marks in Fsc1500025000
3Bachelor in Electrical Technology ( (B.Tech)50% marks in Fsc1500025000

S.No2 Year Master ProgramsEligibilityAdmission FeeSemester Fee
1M.Sc. BiochemistryBachlor Degree in the relevent subject with 45% marks1500025000
5M.Sc. SociologyBachlor Degree in the relevent subject with 45% marks1500025000
3MA EducationBachlor Degree in the relevent subject with 45% marks1000015000
4MA Mass CommunicationBachlor Degree in the relevent subject with 45% marks1500035000
6Master in Criminological Sciences (MCS)Bachlor Degree in the relevent subject with 45% marks1500025000
7Master in Public Health (MPH)Bachlor Degree in the relevent subject with 45% marks1500035000

4. Chartered University of Pakistan, Recognized by HEC, PEC, Pakistan Pharmacy Council & Pakistan Council of Architecture.

S. NoProgramsSpecializationEligibility Criteria Admission Fee (Once) Semester Fee
1Bachlor in Architecture Engineering (5 Year)-F. Sc. Or Equivalent with at least 2nd division1500056000
2BE Mechanical Engineering (4 Year)Thermal EngineeringF. Sc. (Pre-Engineering) with at least 60% Marks or Equivalent1500056000
Production Engineering
Machanical Design
3B.Sc /B.E Electrical Engineering (4 Year)Computing EngineeringF. Sc. (Pre-Engineering) with at least 60% Marks or Equivalent1500056000
Electronics Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
4Master in Computer Sciences (2, 2.5 year)-After BA, B.Sc, B.Com or any Bachelor in computing / non-computing discipline150006000 Per course
5BS ( 4 Year)Computer ScienceIntermediate (Pre-engineering/ computer science) with at least 45 % Marks or equivalent.1500036000
Electronics System
Telecommunication System

5. University of Sargodha (Combine Exam of Part-I & II or by parts). We also provide books, Syllabus & past papers. For BA Rs.20, 000/- For B.Sc & MA/M.Sc Rs.25,000/- (All inclusive)

(a). BA/B.Sc Compulsory Subjects
1. English
2. Islamic Studies
3. Ethics
4. Pakistan Studies
(b). Elective Subjects (Select any Two subjects for BA)
1. Arabic14. Journalism
2. Computer Science15. Mathematics A
3. Economics16. Mathematics B
4. Education17. Mathematics General
5. English (Literature)18. Persian
6. Fine Arts19. Philosophy
7. Geography20. Political Science
8. Health & Physical Education21. Psychology
9. History22. Punjabi
10. Home Economics23. Social Work
11. International Relations24. Sociology
12. Islamic Studies25. Statistics
13. Urdu-
(c). B.Sc (Select any one of the following group of subjects)
1. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Chemistry28. Psychology, Chemistry & Geography
2. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Statistics29. Psychology, Zoology & Geography
3. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Geography30. Psychology, Chemistry & Botany
4. Physics, Mathematics (General) and Psychology31. Psychology, Statistics & Economics
5. Physics, Mathematics A & Mathematics B32. Psychology, Mathematics (General) & Computer Studies
6. Physics, Statistics & Psychology33. Psychology, Geography & Computer Studies
7. Physics, Chemistry & Statistics34. Psychology, Statistics & Mathematics General
8. Physics, Mathematics (General) & Computer Studies35. Psychology, Statistics & Geography
9. Physics, Chemistry & Computer Studies36. Psychology, Economics & Geography
10. Chemistry, Economics & Geography37. Statistics, Maths A & Maths B
11. Chemistry, Botany & Computer Studies38. Statistics, Maths (General) & Psychology
12. Chemistry, Zoology & Computer Studies39. Statistics, Economics & Geography
13. Botany, Chemistry & Geography40. Statistics, Economics & Computer Studies
14. Botany, Chemistry & Statistics41. Maths A, Maths B & Economics
15. Botany, Zoology & Computer Studies42. Maths A, Maths B & Computer Studies
16. Zoology, Chemistry & Botany43. Maths (General), Geography & Economics
17. Zoology, Chemistry & Geography44. Maths (General), Geography & Statistics
18. Zoology, Chemistry & Statistics45. Maths (General), Chemistry & Computer Studies
19. Psychology, Mathematics (General) & Geography46. Maths (General), Statistics & Computer Studies
20. Psychology, Chemistry & Zoology47. Maths (General), Economics & Computer Studies
21. Psychology, Statistics & Home Economics48. Maths (General), Statistics & Economics
22. Psychology, Mathematics (General) & Home Economics49. Geography, Botany & Zoology
23. Psychology, Chemistry & Home Economics50. Geography, Economics & Computer Studies
24. Psychology, Geography & Home Economics51. Maths A, Maths B & Statistics
25. Psychology, Botany & Zoology-
26. Psychology, Physics & Chemistry-
27. Psychology, Botany & Geography-
(d). MA/M.Sc Subjects (Combine Exam system of Part-I & II)
1. Urdu8. Punjabi
2. English9. Pakistan Studies
3. Political Science10. International Relations
4. History11. M.Sc Mathematics
5. Economics12. M.Sc Mass Communication
6. Islamic Studies13. M.Sc Physical Education
7. Arabic-

6. University of Peshawar subjects & Fee for SEAPO Students

S.NoProgram/ DisciplineAdmission FeeTuition Fee
1B.A (All Subjects)100001800 Per Month
2B.Sc (All Subjects) 100001800 Per Month
3BCS (4 Year)1500015000 Per Semester
4B.Com (2 year)100001500 Per Month
5BBA (Hons) (4 year)1000015000 Per Semester
6MBA 3.5 year1000015000 Per Semester
7MBA 1.5 year1000015000 Per Semester
8M.Com (2 year)100001500 Per Month
9MPH (2 year)1000018500 Per Semester

7. UET Peshawar subject & Fee for SEAPO Students

S.NoProgramAdmission FeeSemester Fee
1B.Sc Electrical Engineering1500045000

8. BISE Peshawar & Technical Board Programs Fee

S.NoProgram/ DisciplineAdmission FeePer Month Fee
1F.A/F.Sc /FCS50001500
2D.Com / DBA50001500
3DAE (Civil / Electrical)80001500
4Medical Diploma / Medical Technology80001500
5F.Sc Medical Technology80001500
6Diploma in Information Technology50001000