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Declaration by the applicant:

I intend to get admission with SEAPO Management consultant for the Degree/Program as per my qualification and as per filled application/admission form. I shall be bound for the following:

1. I declare that the mentioned information in the application/admission form of SEAPO Management Consultant, related to my personal, academics and others are correct and I shall provide the relevant and authentic documents for admission as required. In case of any forged/false documents or wrong information provided in the SEAPO Management Consultant application/admission form, I shall be responsible for the matters including the legal procedures whatever may be according to rules and laws.

2. SEAPO Management consultant will process my application for admission only and will provide me offer/acceptance/admission letter of university who has accepted my documents. Terms of admission of the admitting university shall be accepted to me. I shall be bound to follow the rules and regulations of the admitting university which are mentioned in the offer/acceptance/admission letter as well as other rules of the admitting university on arrival.

3. I shall deposit the application process fee, offer/acceptance/admission letter fee, invitation fee, consultancy fee or any other fee of the SEAPO Management Consultant which is not refundable not transferable to any other student after getting offer/Acceptance/Admission letter. I further declare that I have read and understand the fee package of SEAPO Management Consultant and the admitting university and other expenses associated with my studies and I have accepted all the fee and expenses.

4. I shall deposit the university fee as per instruction in the offer/acceptance/admission letter or as per fee structure and as per rules of the admitting university. SEAPO Management Consultant do not accept the responsibility of university fee deposited to the university bank account as per university rules.

5. I understand that admission process will take time as per university procedures. SEAPO Management consultant will try to obtain offer/acceptance/admission letter from university at their earliest, However if there is any delay from university side then I shall wait till the final decision on the application.

6. Expenditures on Air/Fare & visa shall be borne by the candidate. SEAPO Management Consultant shall not be responsible for any incident during air travel or during stay in the host country. Provision of appointment for visa application submission and Grant of visa or rejection is totally embassy decision. SEAPO Management Consultant has nothing to do with the embassy decision and I am bound to accept it. Immigration clearance is totally the host country decision. SEAPO Management Consultant do not accept the immigration clearance responsibilities.

7. SEAPO Management Consultant shall not be responsible for any misconduct or any unlawful activities of the student in the university and the host country. SEAPO Management Consultant Shall not be responsible for rustication from the university roll because of breach of their rules or any misconduct. Absence from both mid-term and terminal examination shall lead to cancelation of admission or as per rules of the admitting university.

8. I declare that I will not be involve in any unfair activities or any sort of party and shall not violate this company policies and shall not violate the policies of the admitting university. I am bound to deposit the fee on time as and when required and I shall not violate the fee submission rules.

I understand and accept the above terms and conditions.

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