Startup Visa-UK

Start-up Visa (UK)


You can apply for a Start-up visa if you have a business idea or a business in Pakistan.

What you can do with start-up visa in UK?
  • You can work full time in another job as well as working for your own business.
  • You can bring your spouse/partner
  • You can bring your children
  • You can switch this visa to innovator visa for settlement in the UK.
Eligibility & documents for process
  • Your complete CV
  • Your Passport or CNIC
  • You need a business or a business idea (one page only)
  • You may have a Bachelor Degree
How long it takes to get a decision?

Once you have applied, proved your identity and provided your documents, you will usually get a decision within 3 weeks.

How to apply:

Step 1

Interested & eligible candidate are required to apply online on our website, we will evaluate your application and if found eligible, we will notify you to deposit process fee anywhere in HBL and give us one page business idea.


After approval of the business idea, you have to submit a complete business plan. The business plan must be atleast 20 to 30 pages including financials and market research as per Home Office requirements. if you cannot write the business plan then we will write it for your business.


After approval of the business plan, you will get an endorsement letter to apply your visa. Once you get the endorsement letter, your chances of visa increases to 95%. We will prepare your complete file for embassy. 


After getting visa, a candidate may fly to UK where we will provide many services also. You can work full time in UK for two or three years. After that you will work for your own business.

Fee submission steps

Application process fee = £200 refundable in case of no approval.

Business plan writing & evaluation fee = £600

After visa fee = £5000

🔹️Our services:
  • Writing business idea or business pitch
  • approval of business idea from endorsing body of UK
  • Complete business plan writing
  • Approval of business plan from endorsing body
  • Obtaining of endorsement letter
  • Visa file preparation
  • Documents translation
  • Health surcharge provision
  • Equivalence of degree from UK
  • Flight reservation and hotel booking
  • Airport receiving in UK
  • Provision of modules for business
  • Business development in UK
  • Registration with Government bodies in UK
  • Evaluation reports submission to Home Office
  • Mandy other services